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Website Registration & Help

The Civica Local Government website allows flexible staff access with several types of access account.

Registered User Account
(Level 1 Access)

Provides access to:

  • Online Discussion Forum
  • Conference Presentations
  • Product Documentation
  • Product & Service Announcements
    • Known Issues
    • Software Update Releases
    • Development & Release Plans
    • Support Service Bulletins
  • Software Release Updates
  • Special Interest Groups (SIG)
  • User Groups

Registered User Account
(Level 2 Access)

Level 1 Access plus...

  • Product High Level Release Plan
  • Software Downloads

Register a New User Account

To register new user accounts, contact the Support Service Desk:


For each new account please provide:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Job Title
  • Customer Name
  • Access level required

Help & Feedback

For any issues with user accounts, contact the Support Service Desk:


For help with the website, or to provide feedback, contact Civica by email: