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Webinars and Workshops

Civica Webinars and Workshops keep you updated on Civica's products and services.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation where the attendee views and listens to presenter on their computer. During the presentation questions can be logged to be addressed by the presenter during or after the presentation.

What is a workshop?

A workshop is a face to face presentations informing you about the latest developments in Civica's products and services, and demonstrating new or little known functionality that can deliver improved business processes and reduce the administrative costs.

When are webinars and workshops held?

  • Throughout the year and in conjunction with new releases of Authority to highlight the Key Features of the release in each product area

  • Workshops are held where possible to coincide with User Group meetings, Civica Conferences, or industry events. They are typically held in the morning over 3 hours.

Attend a Webinar or Workshop

Civica webinars and workshops are free of charge, and an invitation for each session is sent to all relevant customers.  Follow the link on the invitation to register for each webinar or workshop.

If you are not already on the invitation list, and would like to receive an invite to future webinars and workshops, email your details to events@civica.com.au