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Executive Management System eTutorials Training Videos Catalogue

Executive Management System eTutorials are videos that give you training with screen shots and step by step instructions on how to use EMS.

Business Intelligence Systems

  • Admin - Add, Edit and Delete Groups and Users
  • Admin - Instant Message, Checking Logged on Users and Security Reports
  • Admin - Module Security
  • Admin - View Security for Groups and Users
  • Admin - Drill Path for Groups and Users
  • Admin - Tags - Extractor and budget export
  • Add View
  • Anchoring
  • Budgeting - Basic Functions
  • Budgeting - Advanced Functions
  • Create, edit and delete formula fields
  • Criteria
  • Excel Pop Ups
  • Excel Report Writer
  • Export, Print, Search & Autosize Grid
  • Filtering data
  • Gauges
  • General Settings
  • Level Jump
  • Notes - Adding and Deleting
  • Open Existing Screens for viewing printing and exporting
  • Overview
  • Reports
  • Retrace Levels
  • Screens
  • Selecting, resizing and sorting fields
  • Subtotals
  • Tags, Extractor and Budget Export
  • Toolbox - Display Options
  • EOY Rollover

Performance Manager

  • PM EOY
  • PM Action Values
  • PM Performance Indicator Values 
  • PM Project Indicator Values

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