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Authority Version 7.1 Release

Authority 7.1 is the most powerful and easy-to-use version of Authority to date.

Developed to help you improve community engagement, respond to the needs and expectations of the changing citizen, increase efficiencies around the sustainable provision of infrastructure and services - while giving your organisation the best platform to implement industry best practice to attract and retain incredible people.

Authority 7.1 a

Latest major version upgrade for Civica Authority

„„  Improved User Interface for a friendlier, more efficient experience every day

„  Added structure to processes and data entry to reduce duplication and effort

„  Ability to record details in more appropriate locations for ease of access to information

„  Better balancing and control of transactions

„  Specific programs used for processes rather than miscellaneous journals

„  Significantly enhanced reporting for deeper insights around operational efficiencies

Authority 7.1 b

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