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Authority Version 6.8 - Authority Touch

Authority Version 6.8, brings Authority Touch, mobile Authority deployment, as well as new features across all modules and enhancements to existing functionality.

Authority Wide
  • New HTML5 compliant version of the Authority Client
  • Allows Authority deployment on any device with web browser support for HTML5 such as iPads and Android tablets
  • Enables mobile deployment of Authority to any device with HTML5 support and an internet connection
  • Individual users can select whether to run the existing Authority Windows Client or the new Authority HTML5 Client
Authority Asset Management
  • Automation of processes involved in asset capitalisation transactions
  • Improvements to reporting views
  • Enhancements to the usability of core functions in Assets, Work Orders and Plant
Authority Customer Request Management
  • New CRM duration reports
  • Functions to provide a common view of information when a work order has been generated from a CRM
  • New web service interface to enable third party applications to interact with CRM
Authority Executive Management
  • Business Intelligence enhancements
  • Performance Manager enhancements
  • Long Term Planning enhancements
Authority Mobile Computing
  • Changes to the mobile database architecture that improve the efficiency of synchronisation processes
Authority Applications and Registers
  • New web service interface to enable third party applications to interact with the Registers module to create new Register entries, including automated initiation of a workflow and task notification.
Authority Financials
  • Supply Management enhancements to Purchase Card, Purchasing and Accounts Payable invoicing functions and full workflow facilities to automate these processes
  • Internal Contracts enhancements when using a client/provider method of managing business between departments.
Authority HR and Payroll
  • New Work Pattern functionality enabling significant enhancements for a range of payroll functions including timesheets and online leave
  • New Employee Online Timesheets allowing an employee to enter a timesheet and have their supervisor approve it online
Authority Revenue
  • Accounts Receivable - ability to generate statements for accounts that have a zero balance and transactions in the current period
  • NZ Quotable Value Load - Expanded level of information that can be loaded with revaluations supplied by QV