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Authority Version 6.6

Released in April 2012, Authority Version 6.6 is the seventh release of the Authority Version 6 application, which consolidates all product components into a half yearly release cycle. The new release processes within Authority v.6 allow Civica to implement the business agility necessary to enable customers to incrementally move forward with new features and technologies in a timely fashion.

Release Features

Authority Wide

  • New Genero Web Client
  • Secure Online Payments – National Australia Bank
  • Direct Debits and Payment Arrangements
  • Module Balancing Programs

Authority Asset Management

  • Maintenance Scheduling Forecast Report
  • Strategic Asset Management Infrastructure
  • Risk Management
  • Spatial Integration enhancements

Authority Executive Management

  • BIS Budget Account Linking
  • BIS Viewer Print Grid function
  • BIS Filter Notes in the reports module
  • Budget Workflow

Authority Financials

  • Bank File Formats for New Zealand
  • Accounts Payable Import enhancements

Authority Revenue

  • Rating Changes
  • Automatic Meter Readings enhancement
  • Water Billing Comparative Consumption and Advice

Authority HR and Payroll

  • Accrued Leave Granting
  • Discipline and Grievances

Authority Mobile

  • Authority Mobile - Catalogue Form enhancements
  • Show All and Refresh Button Integration enhancement
  • Adding New Assets enhancements

Release Resources

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