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Authority Version 6.4

April 2011: Authority Version 6.4 is the fifth release of the Authority Version 6 application, which consolidates all product components into a half yearly release cycle. The new release processes within Authority v.6 allow Civica to implement the business agility necessary to enable customers to incrementally move forward with new features and technologies in a timely fashion.


Key features within the Authority v.6.4 release include:

  • Delivery of the Authority Long Term Planning application within the Authority Executive Management System to assist Councils in meeting long term planning requirements
  • Functional enhancements within the Authority Asset Management, Financials, Human Resources and Payroll applications
  • Usability enhancements to the Authority Mobile Report Writer and Authority Online Leave applications

Authority Version 6 incorporates a comprehensive range of new technology and product features that combine to deliver a whole spectrum of functionality to help Council deliver continual improvements in business process management.

Find more information on Authority Version 6 here.

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