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Authority Version 6.11 Release

Authority Version 6.11 brings several significant new features and enhancements to existing functionality across various all modules of the enterprise solution.

Detailed information about this release can be found in the Key Feature Document (pdf). Features within this release will be rolled out throughout the release period, and the Key Features Document will be updated accordingly. 

New eServices look and responsive design

Authority eServices user interface now incorporates a contemporary layout design and usability features. eServices screens are now "web responsive" that render according to the device being used. This enables more effective and intuitive data entry for all transactions.

image of eservices welcome page

Actus mobile app

image of Actus app store icon

Authority's new App, Actus is a mobile solution allowing field workers to receive tasks on a mobile device using iOS, Android or Windows 10. Available for download, Actus can be used for the following modules:

  • CRM
  • Applications
  • Registers

BPOINT integration

image of bpoint logo

The Commonwealth Bank's BPOINT payment gateway with Authority eServices, is now available and includes an automated agency receipting facility. eService payment functions including shopping carts, online applications, animal registrations and online certificates can now be redirected to the BPOINT Hosted Payment Page to accept payments. 

Authority 6.11 enhancements

Authority 6.11 includes enhancements across many modules including Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, CRM, Records Management and many more.

  • Strata Plan document attachment
  • Accounts Receivable - AR receipt payment allocation
  • Assets - CVR Depreciation only posting
  • Assets - CVR Movements report
  • Customer Request Management (CRM) - My Tasks
  • Customer Request Management (CRM) - VoIP Integration
  • Customer Request Management (CRM) - GIS Integration
  • HP Records Manager to CRM Integration
  • HP Records Manager - Support and Integration Field Mapping
  • General Ledger - Finance Module attachments
  • Infringements - Automated Infringement Poster
  • Payroll - Online Leave Certificates and Work Patterns
  • Receipting - BPOINT Hosted Web Page Facility and Automated Agency Receipting Facility
  • Server Performance - Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Certification
  • Work Order Enquiry
  • MasterPlan - Integration to Authority
  • Cemetery - User Definable Fields