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Authority Version 6.10 Release

Released in 2015, Authority Version 6.10 brings several significant new features benefiting all customers, as well as enhancements to existing functionality across all modules.

Major New Features and Benefits

General Ledger and Work Orders

  • Restructuring General Ledgers to incorporate Work Order Budgeting – simplifying
    general ledgers and improving budget control.

Procurement and Workflow

  • Improved manageability and auditability of procurement processes via the workflow
    features added to Tender Management, Contract Management, Requisitioning,
    Goods Receipts and Creditors Invoicing.

Asset Management

  • Aligning Asset Management functions to enable a single view of assets from a
    financial perspective, an asset management perspective and a fleet management
    perspective. Full facilities are now provided to manage asset data in the office or in
    the field. The latest modelling and maintenance scheduling components of the
    application also ensure Managers have the tools required for effectively managing
    the organisations assets.

Role Based Security and Workflow

  • Role based security and workflow facilities that allow permissions and
    responsibilities to be linked to positions rather than individuals thus significantly
    easing the administrative burden associated with staff changes over time. These
    facilities also enable more effective management of service levels across
    organisations with full reminder and escalation capabilities.

Authority and EMS Release Alignment

  • From February 2015 forward, Authority and Executive Management System releases are aligend to occur concurently.

Key Features and Enhancements

Authority Wide
  • External Document Parameters
Applications and Registers
  • Reporting Views
  • ABS Report
  • PPAR Reporting (Victoria)
Asset Management
  • Assets - Asset Enquiry / Maintenance
  • Strategic Asset Management (SAM) - Forecast Enhancements , Improved Presentation , Evidence Based Updates
Customer Request Management
  • CRM Google Maps Integration
Document Management
  • EDRMS – Expanded length of Document Title
  • Purchasing
  • Online Requisition Poster Improvements
Payroll / Human Resources
  • Payroll Calculation Enhancement
  • Pay Slip eMail Notification
  • Receipting - EFTPOS Receipting Integration
  • Animals - Online Animals
  • Certificates - Online Certificates
  • Utility Billing
Work Orders
  • Work Order Billing
  • Improvements to the Authority update installation procedure
  • Introduction of Genero Report Engine for PDF output of 4GL reports
  • 32 and 64 Bit Client Support
  • Authority Portal Enhancements - Portal search, User preferences – Authority Touch, Multiple Browsers, Compatibility Mode