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Authority Version 6


Authority Version 6 is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of the Authority enterprise software application for local government and represents the next foundation of technology that will see your Authority applications progress well into the next decade.

One of the key features of Authority Version 6 is the Authority Portal, which has already been implemented by a number of Councils and forms the heart of Authority Version 6 – a browser interface that makes people’s interaction with Authority much easier and much more intuitive.

With the launch of Authority Version 6, we have moved to a new era of release management with software now delivered to Council at regular intervals, allowing us to respond a lot more quickly to your requests for new and amended functionality. This is in direct contrast to the traditional way of issuing a major release every 12 to 18 months and allows us to provide Council with far greater business agility.

Authority Version 6 incorporates a comprehensive range of new technology and product features that combine to deliver a whole spectrum of functionality to help Council deliver continual improvements in business process management.

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