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Authority Version 6.7

Authority Version 6.7 introduces new features across all modules as well as enhancements to existing functionality.

Authority Wide
  • Genero Web Client (GWC) Update with Crystal Reports
  • CRM Interface to Focus Third Party Reactive Work Order
Authority Asset Management
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Work Orders - Maintenance Scheduling
  • Inspection Processing
  • Work Order Transaction Control
  • Work Order Resource Account Selection
  • Work Order Budgeting Reporting View
  • Asset Maintenance and Enquiry Spatial Integration
  • Work Order Validation Report
Authority Executive Management
  • BIS Header Field Updated to Correct Year
  • LTP Calculation Rule Based on Percentages
  • LTP Loan Module Update
  • LTP Data Entry Grid Jump Update
  • LTP Merge Balance Sheet and Year-end Roll Processes
Authority Financials
  • Requisition Posting
  • Creditor and Ledger Account Security
  • Plant Expense Balancing
Authority Revenue
  • Tariff History Applicable Minimum Period
  • Penalty Macro for Overdue Animal fees
  • Victorian Council Extraction
  • Receipt Entry and Animal Fee
Authority HR and Payroll
  • Position Management Budgeted Full Time Equivalent
  • Training Requests
Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Platform Refactor
  • Mobile Platform