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About Authority Documentation

The following types of documentation are published to complement the Authority Enterprise Software Suite.

Deployment Guides

General information about installing a new version of Authority:

  • System Requirements
  • Training
  • Licencing
  • Upgrade Workbook
  • Testing Issues Register
  • Release Deployment Process

Installation Notes

Instructions for installing new versions of Authority components:

  • Authority Client
  • Online Help
  • Word Macro
  • Database Changes - Updating Custom Reports, Queries & Integration
  • Menu Configuration - New, modified & retired menu items
  • Module Configuration - New, modified & retired module configuration & process changes

Release Notes

List of new functionality, enhancements and maintenance changes for each version of Authority:

  • Key Features
  • Full Release Notes
  • Patch Release Notes

Release Notes are published as an Adobe 8 Portfolio which contains:

  • Cover Sheet - The main release notes list
  • Additional PDF files - More detailed information about specific changes

The main release notes (Cover Sheet) cannot be viewed with the Adobe plugin for internet browsers. To view the main release notes:

  1. Right click the link to the release notes and save the file to your desktop
  2. Open the file in Adobe Reader
  3. Select View > Portfolio > Cover Sheet

    Test Plans

    User processes tested by Civica for each version of Authority. Available for Council to conduct their own testing.

    Training & User Manuals

    User process based product documentation:

    • Training & User Manuals
    • Training Course Outlines
    • Training Course Signoff Sheets

    Get Documentation

    Go to the Documentation Index to find documentation for the version of Authority you use.