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About Authority Documentation

The following types of documentation are published to complement the Authority Enterprise Software Suite.

Deployment Guides

General information about installing a new version of Authority:

  • System Requirements
  • Training
  • Licencing
  • Upgrade Workbook
  • Testing Issues Register
  • Release Deployment Process

Installation Notes

Instructions for installing new versions of Authority components:

  • Authority Client
  • Online Help
  • Word Macro
  • Database Changes - Updating Custom Reports, Queries & Integration
  • Menu Configuration - New, modified & retired menu items
  • Module Configuration - New, modified & retired module configuration & process changes

Release Notes

List of new functionality, enhancements and maintenance changes for each version of Authority:

  • Key Features
  • Full Release Notes
  • Patch Release Notes

Release Notes are published as an Adobe 8 Portfolio which contains:

  • Cover Sheet - The main release notes list
  • Additional PDF files - More detailed information about specific changes

The main release notes (Cover Sheet) cannot be viewed with the Adobe plugin for internet browsers. To view the main release notes:

  1. Right click the link to the release notes and save the file to your desktop
  2. Open the file in Adobe Reader
  3. Select View > Portfolio > Cover Sheet

Business Process Manuals

Business Process Manuals are intended to be end to end guides covering key Authority functionality written from a best practice approach. Business Processes will vary due to individual Council requirements and regional variations. Business Process Manuals will be updated in order to reflect the most current version of Authority.


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